squid (plural: squids)

Squid drying
  1. A sea animal with tentacles and a soft elongated body. Squids are able to swim by squirting water out of side jets with force.
  2. (Slang) A quid. A British pound note.
  3. (mildly pejorative): A sailor in the Navy.
  4. (derogatory) a motorcyclist, typically on a sportbike, who rides with minimum of safety gear, no rider training and poor skill while attempting to ride faster than their ability allows. The more experienced often perform dangerous stunts that, when performed on public roads, endanger themselves and other motorists. There is currently an entire culture devoted to it in which money is made selling videos of their stunts and performing at shows on closed race tracks. The term is derived from the 1960s when Navy sailors (colloquially “squids”) would dock in San Diego, purchase two-stroke motorcycles, and ride them around under the influence of alcohol.
  5. (slang) New England undergraduate slang for “study”. It appears to have originated in the early 1970s, and originally came from the fact that squids squirt ink. It is used by many to refer to people who are smart or those who study a lot.

5 letters in word "squid": D I Q S U.

Anagrams of squid:

Words found within squid:

di dis dui id ids is qi qis quid si sud sui suid suq uds us